11 Gadgets You Should Have for Your Garden

Gardening remains one of the most popular hobbies for many. With the whole world staying at home, plant lovers have maximized their free time to tend to their lawn, flowers, plants, and trees. Many have even delved into gardening and explored the various ways to create the perfect garden or greenhouse.

Tending to your greenery has also become more convenient and time-saving due to the vast array of gadgets suited to watering, fertilizing, and sprucing up your garden. Here are eleven useful devices you should have to achieve the yard of your dreams.

Automatic Drip Watering System

Too busy to look after your precious greenery? An automatic drip watering system allows you to water your garden from afar. Set it up to water your plants for a week or even thirty days. You don’t have to connect the system into taps because it can hold up to seven gallons of water. The watering system also runs with batteries, so you don’t have to worry about your house burning down due to short circuits or electric shortages.

Flexible Garden Sprinkler

Sprinklers and water hoses are a gardener’s best friend as they help nourish and freshen your lawn and other plants. However, it can be tedious to refill your watering can and adjust your watering hose to cover every inch of your yard or greenhouse.

A flexible garden sprinkler enables you to water your garden efficiently. Its noodle-like sprinklers are adjustable, making it easier for you to bend it towards the spots you want to water. Attach the sprinkler to your water hose and position it on your lawn, flower bed, or hedge. This sprinkler can effectively water expansive lawn areas, so you don’t have to worry about missing a spot.

With this garden sprinkler attachment, you will be sure that your lawn will always be green, and your plants will grow happily and healthily.

Leaf Blower

Now that fall season is here, raking fallen leaves might not be as fun as it seems on TV. There are also times when your rake or broomstick won’t catch every debris on your lawn. Relieve your back pain from raking leaves using a leaf blower to clear away leaves and other rubbish off your yard.

Leaf blowers also come with varied sized hoses that you can change depending on the space you need to clear away. Leaf blowers make tidying your garden a breeze.

Luminous Planters

Brighten your yard or patio with luminous planters. These unique containers are made with sustainable and recyclable materials, so green thumbs and advocates of no plastic will be thrilled to have these to hold their favorite plants.

Some luminous planters require electricity, while others utilize solar power to illuminate your space. Add these bright planters to your patio or on the edge of your swimming pool to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Your yard will look more attractive and posh like the outdoor amenity section of premier condominiums like Fame Residences in Mandaluyong City.

Soil Tester

Check your soil’s PH and moisture levels and temperature with a soil tester. This handy device lets you know your soil’s condition and whether it is suitable for your plants’ needs. It also enables you to determine if the garden soil you bought for your indoor garden is perfect for holding your seedlings or plants for repotting.

Robotic Lawnmower

Vacuum cleaners aren’t the only robotic and compact gadgets you can have in your home. Even lawnmowers have caught up in the efficiency and space-saving game, making one of the most tedious and tiring chores more bearable.

Control your robotic lawnmower through your phone while enjoying your iced drink and lounging by the pool. You’ll save money from buying lawnmower fuel and from potential accidents.

Some robotic lawnmowers have other purposes: blowing away leaves or snow, and vacuuming smaller debris in your lawn. This compact gadget enables you to multitask while making your garden spotless and pristine.

Rain Chain

Water features are excellent decor for your garden as they add elegance and the refreshing sound of rushing water into your home. But if you don’t want to spend money to install fountains and waterfalls in your garden, go for a rain chain instead.

Known as kusari-toi in Japanese, rain chains are decorative alternatives for rain spouts. They are a sustainable water feature that utilizes the rain falling from the gutters and transports it to a bottom vessel. You also conserve water by using the stored rainwater for your plants during dry seasons.

Choose from various rain chains that will fit your rain spout and suit your garden’s aesthetic. You’ll also harness the renewable source of rain to beautify your yard and freshen your plants.

Sky Planter

Ran out of space for your potted plants? Hanging planters are the way to create a vertical jungle in your garden or indoor greenhouse. Make it even more creative by using sky planters that hang your plants upside down. Don’t fret about succulents and soil falling on your head. Sky planter containers are designed to secure the plants and soil in its vessel. The planters also have reservoirs that keep the plants adequately watered.

Sky planters make your vertical garden unique and fresh. You’ll feel like you’re in a surrealism painting with your flowers and greenery upside down.

Cordless Pole Saw

Trim branches and prune hedges and bushes through a cordless pole saw. This cutting device is battery-operated, rechargeable, and extendable. You can extend it to around five to eight feet, enabling you to reach faraway branches and leaves without having to climb ladders or your roof.

Garden Cam

Watch your plants grow from seedling to blooming beauties by placing a garden cam on your lawn, flower box, or vegetable patch. A garden cam takes real-time shots of your garden that you can upload on your social media as progress shots. Install this to keep track of the development of your plants and see if pests are lurking close.

Compost Converter

A compost converter bin is filled with thousands of worms that help break down leftover food, scraps, dried leaves, and biodegradable garbage into nutrient-rich fertilizer. You can purchase a can of earthworms to put in your compost bin instead of looking for these crawlies in your garden.

Think of your worm-filled compost bin as a sustainable paper shredder. Your scrap papers won’t end up in the landfill. Instead, convert them to food for your plants to grow healthily and happily.

Building the garden of your dreams doesn’t require you to be a professional green thumb or greenhouse expert. Technology that enables you to take care of your plants, flowers, and lawn efficiently is all you need.