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10 Handy Uses for Laminating Machines

When you think of a laminator, you might automatically think of office documents or presentations for work. But a laminator can have plenty of uses at home as well as at work. A laminator fuses a back and front piece of plastic together with a document in between to provide protection from water-based substances, food and general wear. Laminators come with different functions for different sized documents, with laminator pouches available to make laminating a quick and easy process to do at home. Here’s alist of handy uses for laminating machines at home:

1. Business Cards

 The business cards that you use on a constant basis usually live in your wallet. Unfortunately, they can become faded and tattered over time from overuse. But when you laminate them, they can last a lot longer.

2. Artistic Placemats

With a laminator, you can create custom placemats from your children’s artworks or from calendar pictures that you particularly like. Turn something beautiful into something that’s practical with an artistic laminated placemat.

3. Important Information

If you have important information that you need preserved and stuck on the fridge, then the best way is to get out your laminator. You can also protect important phone numbers and instructions with this method. 

4. Recipes

Use your laminator on recipes and menu cards so that you can easily use them again and again without wear, spills or damage. It’s so easy to just wipe them clean after a cooking session with a damp cloth.


Take some pretty craft paper or pleasant pictures and cut them to bookmark size. Then laminate your bookmarks so they don’t crease or get dirty from wear. You’ll always have a bookmark handy when you make your own with your laminator!

6. Dried Flowers

Make an arrangement of dried flowers that pleases you in a laminating pocket. The dried flowers, once laminated, will keep their colour and be completely protected. You can then frame them or turn them into a bookmark as above.

7. Knitting & Other Craft Patterns

You can preserve old knitting patterns for years to come when you protect them with your laminator. This technique is also great for laminating crochet or cross-stitch patterns.

8. Greeting Cards

If you’re someone who likes to keep greeting cards for a long time after you’ve received them, then you might like to laminate them so they last longer. With a laminator, you can protect precious birthday or other important greetings you’ve received from friends and family.

9. Maps

You can protect maps for trekking against rainy days and excess creasing and tears when you use your laminator on your maps. You’ll never have a disintegrating map again when you laminate all your maps for long walks and camping trips.

10. Motivational Quotes

Need some inspiration to live your best life? Just print out or handwrite some of your favourite positive quotes and laminate them. You can then stick them on any wall in your home, preferably a location whereyou’ll see the quote frequently each day.